Flagpole Brackets - The Foundation Of Your Flagpole

Posted by Fiona on May 4th 2017

When shopping for a flag kit this season, while it’s important to choose the right flag, don’t overlook the right bracket and where you are mounting it as well. Think of the bracket and the surface you are attaching it to as the as the “foundation” and the pole and flag are an extension. If you start off with a weak foundation, you are going to have a weak flagpole.

Stamped Brackets

These are the most popular brackets that you will find in the flag kits online and in retail stores and some the the weakest as well. A good choice for a lightweight aluminum pole but not designed for heavier poles or windy ares since they can easily bend after awhile. 



Nylon Brackets    


Nylon brackets can be found in fixed position and multi position as well and are a fairly inexpensive option. Designed to hold poles up to 1 inch in diameter. While stronger than a stamped steel  bracket, we do not recommend these brackets for high wind areas are large flags and poles.

Fixed Brackets

Fixed brackets are often made from cast aluminum and come in a variety of colors and configuration for flying your flag. Stronger than stamped steel, these brackets are typically designed to hold 1 inch poles.  

  Aluminum Electric Way Brackets

Similar to the fixed bracket, theses brackets are often made from cast aluminum for extra strength. Most often designed to a 1 inch flag pole, these brackets are designed to be used on poles and post and are attached using a strap.

 Multi Position Brackets 

Just as the name refers, this brackets have 13 positions for flying your flag and uses fan gears to lock the bracket into position. Mostly found in cast aluminum, these brackets are also made in nylon as well. Available in several colors, these brackets are very popular with homeowners and business.

No matter what kink of bracket you choose, always ask yourself the following question when installing any flag kit.

  1. Is the surface strong enough to securely attach my bracket and hold my flag and flagpole?
  2. Do you have the right hardware for attaching your bracket. If mounting on brick or concrete, do you have the right screws and anchors? If attaching to wood, are your screws long enough to securely hold your bracket?
  3. What is behind the surface I am attaching my bracket to? Always beware or wires and pipes.
  4. Is the area unobstructed to allow your flag to fly freely?

Most importantly, also follow the flag code when flying and flag and follow the manufactures suggestions for caring for your flag. With these few tips, your flag kit should be secure and worry free!