State Flags

State Flags - Outdoor and Indoor

The Liberty Flag Shop is the place to shop for state flags! Our state flags are a great way to express your pride and are available in variety of sizes for you outdoor and indoor flag flying need We offer flags and banners for all 50 states including U.S. Territories. Looking for an entire set of all 50 states? We offer complete sets of all 50 state flags at an affordable price.

We carry state flags from as small as 4" x 6" in stick flags and SolarMax Nylon state flags as large as 12' x 18'. Our Poly-Max flags are available up to 5' x 8'.

Our state flags are made from SolarMax nylon or Poly-Max polyester for strength and durability and designed for indoor and outdoor use. Our pole-hem flags are available with our without fringe in sizes up to 6' x 10'.  With our fringed state flags, you have a choice of two-inch Gold, White, Silver or Black fringe.