Missouri State Flags

Missouri State Flags - Outdoor and Indoor

The Missouri state flags consist of a red, white and blue horizontal stripes with the Missouri state seal circled by a blue band containing 24 stars. The red stripe represents valor, the white stripe stands for purity and the blue stripe symbolizes the permanency, vigilance and justice of the state. The red, white and blue colors of the Missouri state flag highlight the French influence on the state in its early years. The Missouri state flag, designed by Marie Elizabeth Watkins Oliver, was adopted as the official Missouri State Flag on March 22, 1913.

  • Missouri Nylon State Flags (020892)

    Missouri Nylon State Flags

    Our Missouri State Flags are made from SolarMax Nylon, the highest quality flag material available. These Missouri State Flags offer excellent resistance to deterioration and damage caused by the sun and the environment. The bright, vivid colors...

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  •  Missouri Polyester State Flags

    Missouri Polyester State Flags

    These Missouri State Polyester Flags are made from a spun 2 ply polyester material developed for maximum durability. Polyester flags are an excellent choice for high wind and harsh weather areas. Heavyweight 2 ply spun polyester. Flag is...

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  • Missouri Nylon State Flags With Pole Hem

    Missouri Nylon State Flags With Pole Hem

    These Missouri nylon state flags are specifically designed for indoor use and have a pole hem and leather mounting tabs. Made in the USA, these Missouri nylon state flags have bright, vivid colors that will simply outlast flags of similar construction...

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