Hawaii State Flags

Hawaii State Flags- Outdoor and Indoor

The Hawaii State flag is the only U.S. state flag to feature a flag of a foreign country. This same flag has been used for the kingdom, protectorate, republic and territory of Hawaii. The canton of the Hawaii state flag contains the Union Flag of the United Kingdom. The field of the flag is composed of 8 horizontal stripes, representing the eight major islands of Hawaii. The color of the stripes, from the top down, follows the sequence: white, red, blue, white, red, blue, white, red

  • Hawaii Nylon State Flags (020374)

    Hawaii Nylon State Flags

    Our Hawaii State Flags are made from SolarMax Nylon, the highest quality flag material available. These Hawaii State Flags offer excellent resistance to deterioration and damage caused by the sun and the environment. The bright, vivid colors...

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  • Hawaii Polyester State Flags

    Hawaii Polyester State Flags

    These Hawaii State Polyester Flags are made from a spun 2 ply polyester material developed for maximum durability. Polyester flags are an excellent choice for high wind and harsh weather areas. Heavyweight 2 ply spun polyester. Treated to...

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  • Hawaii Nylon State Flags With Pole Hem

    Hawaii Nylon State Flags With Pole Hem

    These Hawaii nylon state flags are specifically designed for indoor use and have a pole hem and leather mounting tabs. Made in the USA, these Hawaii nylon state flags have bright, vivid colors that will simply outlast flags of similar construction...

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