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Army Flags - Outdoor and Indoor

Prior to 1956 the Army was the only armed service without a flag to represent the entire service. Prompted by need to represent the Army in joint service ceremonies, in 1955 Secretary of the Army Wilber Brucker requested a creation of a flag. On June 14,1956, the 181st anniversary of the creation of the Army by the Continental Congress, in Philadelphia at Independence Hall the U.S. Army flag was unfurled to the public.

The Liberty Flag Shop carries flags for each branch of the military, including the Air ForceArmy,Marine CorpsNavyCoast Guard and POW/MIA. . However, we also stock flags to honor additional service professions, such as policefirefighters and ems. You'll also find a range of flags to show overall support of our troops along with a range of additional military items, such as frames, desktop boxes, grave markers and flag medal cases.