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Posted by Fiona on Mar 31st 2017

7 Reasons You Just Might Be A Flag Fanatic

1) Do you have 3 or more flags flying on your house or in your yard?

I think if these were spaced closer together you could fit a couple more!

2) Unless you're in the military, do you wake up at dawn to fly the flag?

Don't forget your trumpet, your neighbors need to wake up sometime.

3) The light you use at night keeps you neighbors up.

What's the big deal, you're suppose to light you flag at night.

4) You love animals just like everyone else, but you're for shopping for a gun to keep them off your Flagpole.

I'm sure the neighbors will understand. 

5) You're wondering why you still see so much green.

We're wondering that too. Visit the Liberty Flag Shop, we can help with that!

6) Your'e wondering if your house might be a little small for your flag.

Honestly I think you flag might be a little small for your house.

7) Your kids can't believe you bought another flag. 


Let the neighbors talk, they're just jealous that their house doesn't look as good.

If you had 4 or more of these reasons, well welcome to the club!

If you had 3 or less less reason, don't worry, we won't give up hope on you.